Shenzhen Keya Electronic Co. ,Ltd was based in Shenzhen in 2003, when it  started to be  engaged in the  unremitting research  and  pursuit of the  healthcare sector for purpose of carrying forward the healthcare culture ofchinese medical
science , developing the modern  healtjcare and the beauty products ,and developing the footbath series and foot base massage and electric acupuncture series and the  massage series of products by applying  multiple  traditional  chinese medical   knowledge  such   as  intellectual   microelectronic technologies  and humanistic operation modes  combinated with acupuncture , magnetic  therapies, water shower,  and  pneumatic therapies , footbath,etc. 
    the  engineers  in  Keya  design  products  in  keya  in the light of  hunman veins  and  arteries acupuncture points, energy  and  blood  circulation  all  over and hunman body  yin-yang  balance  for the  promotion  of metabolism,toxin expelling and weakness improvement,and it has obvious curative effect on various  kinds  of  diseases such  as  much  perspiration , weak  energy , hypertension , arthritis ,  beriberi ,  blood  stagnation , fastidium , insomnia
palpitation and mood stress arising from working stress.
  The products of Keya are awarded to quite a few national patents and passed the quality certification of CQC,KTL,and CE,etc.They have been unanimously appraised of  and  well received by the broad mass of consumers and dealers with steady qualiyt and outstanding healthcare effects,and they become best sellers at home and abroad,including Eoutheast Asia,the USA and Europe.

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